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JACOBS SPORTS MANAGEMENT is a sports management company founded to provide better guidance to all SPORTS. At JACOBS  we believe in the talent and determination of our students, that’s why we want to provide them with the best opportunities possible to make it to the top, and stay there. Trust, respect, passion and professionalism are at the core of our business.

KMG offers a boutique approach using our 75 years of combined experience to ensure that each client receives comprehensive representation to provide them with opportunities to succeed

We recognize that each athlete is unique, with individual needs, and our extensive network allows us to explore and develop new and innovative training strategies for clients in all sports

KMG will encourage and assist its clients in participating in charitable and socially conscious activities, including foundation development, event and fund raising planning and implementation and other charitable endeavors.

KMG’s legal team are experts in Contract Law including Domestic and International contracts. Our team includes multiple attorneys, including Richard L. Katz, Michael McCafferty, Amanda Siegrist, and Jesse Taylor

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  •  Our strength lies in understanding every aspect of your requirements and our focus is on meeting and surpassing your expectations in every respect

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