If you’re put off by the idea of thrashing yourself at the gym or down the park at a bootcamp, don’t worry… getting fitter doesn’t have to be of the ‘go hard or go home’ variety.

With a bit of TLC and consistency, you can do something towards looking after yourself, and giving yourself a fitter future. My philosophy, as I get older (and maybe wiser!) is that fitness should be all about health, and much less about image.

Ctrl-Alt-Fit is for people who aren’t currently doing anything about their fitness, but are looking for some help, and an alternative approach to what’s out there already in the local fitness industry.

So… Ctrl-Alt-Fit? 

If you use a computer, you’ll probably be aware that you can do a ‘soft’ reboot by using Ctrl-Alt-Del.  So…  I’ve taken that concept, with a few extra ‘nuances’…

CTRL – Take control. Progress with control!
ALT– an alternative approach. Alter your life for the better!

My philosophy with Ctrl-Alt-Fit is to always start my clients with 1:1 sessions, rather than taking a ‘one-workout suits all’ approach.

Your first session is always a health screen/baseline testing session.

I take into account health, posture, past experience, niggles, injuries, and likes/dislikes, and design a personal program for you, based on Fitness Industry guidelines.

My programs cover: ‘resistance’ (or strength endurance), aerobic/cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and balance.

It’s up to you how often you schedule a session. Weekly is ideal, but I understand the realities of household budgeting.

I will also write you a home program, help you with your goals and planning, and give you an online ‘space’ where you can track your programs, progress, and link to helpful resources.