“Tracey’s ability to provide me with a program that meets my individual needs is second to none. She has just the right balance of push and empathy. This makes each session a very worthwhile experience.You’re the best Tracey.”

Samara, age 54


“I knew that I had no strength. I felt weak, and I also wasn’t making any commitment to looking after myself physically.  I needed to get myself back on track, but I knew I needed some 1:1 care if I was going to be able to continue playing golf at a high level.

I signed up for 1:1 sessions with Tracey at Ctrl-Alt-Fit because I knew, after meeting her and chatting about her aims and ideals,  that she would be thorough, and that she would prioritise doing everything carefully and with good technique.

I am very happy with the training. I’ve done 24 sessions over 5 months so far and I can really feel the difference – so I’ve just signed up for more!

I feel stronger.  I’m sleeping better. My posture is better. I’m a lot more flexible and my balance has improved.  I always used to get a sore back – now I hardly need to see my chiropractor.

With my golf, I’m hitting the ball further – about 20m, or one club difference – off the Tee.  My club head speed (on the launch monitor) is about 8mph faster. People comment on how much better I’m playing.  And the other week I played the best golf I’ve played in at least 10 years.

I would really recommend 1:1 sessions with Ctrl-Alt-Fit.   Tracey really focuses on what my body can and can’t do, and adjusts the program and the exercises accordingly – basically teaching my muscles how to work properly!  One of the main things I’ve learnt is that my body tries to find the “cheat’s” way out to make an exercise feel easier. It’s not that I’d do it on purpose, but if I tried to do this on my own, or in a big group, I know I wouldn’t be feeling the same improvement, and I probably would have injured myself by now.”

Stephen.  Age 57.


“I started training with Tracey nearly 2 years ago with the aim to build strength and flexibility and improve my fitness.

Her friendly and easy going personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She creates individualised programs and challenging yet achievable goals. She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. Tracey drives me for results while being considerate of my abilities.

Tracey’s passion for fitness, ongoing guidance, support, knowledge and enthusiasm has made me feel stronger and healthier and for that I thank her.”

Kylie, 44


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