Home-based 1:1 indoor/outdoor sessions:
– Flexible programming in response to your ongoing needs – working with whatever mix of resistance/cardio/balance/flexibility meets your specific needs.
– Controlled, careful progress.
– Option of a home program to follow between sessions, with photos of exercises & stretches.
– Personal online fitness “space” where you can view your programs and progress.
– Baseline testing and re-testing where relevant.



Session description
Ctrl-Alt-Fit 1:1 sessions are low-key and home-based – indoor/outdoor (depending on the weather!) We work mostly on my back verandah, where you can enjoy a view of the ocean, and, particularly in summer, enjoy a bit of a sea breeze.  Sometimes we might venture out and about for a bit of variety!

I am prepared to look into mobile sessions, where I come to you, but there would be conditions, plus a variation in pricing to cover fuel and travel time for me.

We use basic fitness equipment – all of which is within your means to gradually purchase for yourself to use at home (if you decide to go with a home program option) – ie. hand weights, fitness balls, bosu ball, resistance bands, and of course bodyweight.

After your initial (and free) introductory session, and once you’ve committed to purchasing one or more sessions, I’ll design a program that aims to meet your goals.

I’ll tweak this program in your first session as we figure out what works for you – taking into account any injuries, twinges, and, basically, what level you’re at for various exercises.

This will usually be some combination of resistance, cardio, balance, and flexibility. What we can fit in will depend on what is a priority for you, and what areas might require more care and attention.  I prefer to prioritise technique over a ‘bang for buck’ approach.

We’ll follow the same resistance program for 4-6 weeks (with ‘progressions’ as you improve!).  This allows your neuro-muscular system to wake up, get coordinated, and then get stronger!  Then we change it up for another 4-6 week block.

Once you sign up for sessions with me, I’ll set up a shared online Google spreadsheet ‘space’ for you to be able to see your program, and any relevant information.

Included in this will be a personalised photo ‘library’ of stretches (for you to do at home – because Flexibility is important!!)

Home or Travel Program options 
Let’s face it – life is different for everybody. Investing in, and committing to, a personal training session for the ideal of 2-3 sessions a week is rarely going to work for everyone. Money, time, work commitments, holidays or travel… they all have an impact, and can interfere with your progress.

Ideally, to see an improvement, you should be aiming to run through your resistance program 2-3 times a week. (I know!! Why so hard?!)

If you have the time and $$ to commit to doing a session with me twice a week, that’s great!

But if you can’t, well, there’s always ‘takeaway’.

An added option is for me to write up your program for you to do at home in between (ideally) once-a-week sessions, or a ‘takeaway’ program so you can keep on track on a holiday.

I’ve found that this home program works best with photos of you doing each exercise, and with specific instructions…  and I’ll post this to your Google spreadsheet, and/or print it out for you.

This will ‘cost’ one session (from whatever package you’ve purchased.) One program is ‘good for’ a 6-session pack. You can choose to count that as one of your 6 pack sessions, or to add it on as an extra session at the same session rate.

My reasons for (reluctantly) charging for this are two-fold.
Firstly, it is really time-intensive for me to compile – basically an hour’s work for nothing.
Secondly, I’ve come to realise that ‘paying’ for a detailed home-program actually fosters ‘compliance’! That is, it’s all too easy to ‘not get round to it’ and you’re more likely to do it if you’ve paid for it!!

Same goes if I write you a holiday program to take away with you.

** All that said, if you TOTALLY know what you’re doing with the list of exercises, and don’t need instructions and tips and pictures to remind you of what to do (and how), then a printout copy of my program sheet to take home won’t cost any extra $$.  

Group sessions?
Because of my focus on designing really personalised resistance programs, I’m not really wanting to do any one-program-fits-all approach.
I like to spend time getting to know my clients so that we can rule in or out various exercises that might aggravate or cause pain or injury, and/or gradually work on technique.
Once I get to know what my clients can and can’t do, I’m happy to look into shared sessions and to come up with an appropriate (and obviously cheaper per person) price.
So there’s an extra incentive to refer a friend!

I’m open to the idea of a group cardio (only) session, because individual needs and differences in cardio are a bit easier to monitor.