I’ve had a pretty active life .  I played tennis as a kid, but from my twenties onwards I gravitated to ‘aerobic endurance’ types of recreational/adventure type activities – marathon canoeing, long-distance cycling, cross country skiing, bushwalking, and canyoning.

But like many of us through the child-rearing years, I wasn’t consistent with it. The weight ‘snuck’ on, despite gaining a reputation for our crazy-long family tandem cycle adventures, and the adult swim squad that I started doing when I was about 40.

I went to a Personal Trainer once who pushed me beyond my abilities and made me feel bad about how weak I was. (What? really? You can’t do that? You have no abs at all, do you?!)

I lived with a bad back for about thirty years – until I did the 12WBT program in my late 40s, lost some weight, found out that I wasn’t too old to take up running, and was introduced to doing some weights (aka ‘resistance training’) and boxing fitness.

That said – as a “late starter” –  with every fitness class or fitness dvd that I did, I had to be pig-headed enough to work within my limit, and to not feel peer-pressured into trying to keep up, especially when paired up with someone who I didn’t want to let down.

I did my Cert III & IV in Fitness so that I could help myself and others ‘train’ in a way that I felt I needed to be trained. I figure there are other people out there who might just need that slightly different option as well.

My goal is to be as active and healthy as possible as I get older.  Regular (and consistent) exercise that encompasses cardio/aerobic, strength/resistance, balance and flexibility training has untold health benefits.

My passion is to be able to help others achieve the same.