So, why invest in your fitness?

There are HEAPS of reasons! 101 if you want to print this out and stick it on your wall for inspiration.

101This is, of course, not an exhaustive list, nor do I necessarily agree with (or think it’s worth focusing on) all of them. But it’s a pretty impressive list, nonetheless.

Alternatively there’s a great one-liner (which I’m borrowing from this guy) – How about we choose to exercise to avoid being dead?! 

A bit full-on?  How about exercising for improved quality of life and health – both in the present and in the future?

We need weight bearing/resistance exercises to maintain and/or increase muscle mass AND to increase or maintain our metabolic rate.  We need aerobic exercise to burn kilojoules, to strengthen our hearts, and improve lung capacity. And it’s important to include flexibility and balance for injury and falls prevention.


The bottom line is that, according to national fitness research, more than half of Australian adults don’t do enough exercise to be healthy – that is, they don’t get in at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most days.  Women are less likely than men to have met these National Physical Activity guidelines, and only around 1 in 10 Australians over the age of 50 exercises enough to gain any cardiovascular benefit.*

Additionally, most of us are definitely not doing enough weight bearing and ‘resistance’ exercise.  It’s probably safe to say that a good many of us simply don’t know where to start, or think that ‘doing weights’ is just for bodybuilding gym freaks.

The good news is that everyone can do something – and in most cases it’s simply a case of finding the right thing for you, and the right place to start.  If what you’ve tried, or what you see out there, is not for you, come and see what I’m offering.  (Introductory sessions are free, and I’ve got some great start-up specials.)

It’s never to late to invest in yourself and reap the benefits.



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